August 28, 2014

The first day of school is always the easiest to wake up for. After that, it's like trying to wake the dead.

This year Davis is in fifth grade, Tess is in third, and our baby Collin started kindergarten. 

Yippee for learning!

August 12, 2014

It's a dog pile kind of day. Also, notice those are cats on my shirt.

August 11, 2014


We are puppy sitting. I mean, is there any thing better than a nice afternoon cuddle? 

February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

I love starting Valentine's Day with a surprise for the kids.
♡Candy for breakfast? Sure, why not?!
♡Doggies in pink argyle sweaters? The cutest!
♡Lunch box love notes? Of course.

After a fun day at school enjoying Valentine class parties, Mike took us to the river for some cross country skiing. We definitely like to take advantage of sunny days with no wind. 

Our kids are such good sports. Davis tried ice skating for the first time. Tess played sled dog and pulled Collin behind her. I didn't fall once which is a small miracle in itself. Collin made multiple snow angles and Mike tried to show us he had Olympic potential.

I love this little family of mine.

February 05, 2014


Over the weekend we discovered one of Tess' library books had been left on the floor and then nibbled on by the dog. Surprisingly she said right away she would pay for it. We looked up the book on Amazon and a replacement would cost about eight dollars.  

Too embarrassed to come out and tell the librarian what happened, Tess asked what to do? I wrote a note explaining what happened and asked if the school would like us to buy the new book, or the money to purchase it themselves.

When I picked Tess up from school, she climed into the car with tears in her eyes. The librarian was asking for seventeen dollars because that is the list price on the book. Tess has been saving money to buy another stuffed animal (not that we really need any), and was feeling that it might not ever happen now. After counting her cash and coin, we settled that I would pay ten and she would pay seven. 

Tess lovingly wrote an apology card and added the money to the envelope. She is a sweetheart and I was so happy she knew what the responsible thing to do was.

In other current events: 
     Collin informed me what another word for poopy is, and it starts with an sh. He wasn't sure where he learned it, but didn't think it was a big deal. Um, okay... Well Collin we don't use that word. You can say poopy all you want.
     Tess was told Justin Beaver (it cracks me up they can't say or remember his real name) is gay, and she shared that at family dinner. She was also told she had to like him if she was "going to be my friend." Okay Tess, what is gay? When two boys kiss. Me- Sort of, as long as we are on the subject...
     Davis is a computer junkie. He's downloaded a new platform and has been coding a 3D game over the last week. I'm hoping he'll take care if us when we are old.

Parents and caregivers,
Please teach your children to be kind and polite. Please teach your daughters that it is not nice to tell someone they are your best friend one day, then turn around the next day and say I'm never playing with you again. Please teach your children that friendships shouldn't be conditional. Why can't we all just play nice?
-stepping of soapbox now-