January 22, 2010

Tic*Tac*Toe TO-GO

My kids get restless when we are waiting for the doctor, or in restaurants, and just about everywhere else you can think of.  This little portable game fits easily into a mommy bag and is nice because it doesn't make any noise (a plus for church).  This is a fun project you can make with your kids.  Davis and I made four Tic*Tac*Toe TO-GO pouches in about an hour.

An old T-shirt
hot glue gun
5 (for each player) little toys, beads, buttons or other do-dads for your pieces

We wanted a big playing board, so we made about a 12" circle.  I made a template out of wrapping paper and pined it to my t-shirt.  I cut two circles out at once (the front and back of the shirt).

Next we cut out 1/2" x 9" felt strips for the lines.  Each board needs four strips.

Now you hot glue the lines onto your circle to look like a tic tac toe board.  We just eye balled their placement.

Around the outer edge of your circle, about 1/4" in, carefully snip little slits for your ribbon to run through.  I tried the x-acto knife, but my little scissors worked better.  Be careful not to cut too much.  We spaced our cuts about an inch apart.

Davis weaved the ribbon in and out of the slits.  We started from the back in towards the playing board, and you want to end in the back.  That way when you cinch up the board the ribbons will be coming out on the same side.  When the ribbon is weaved through all the slits, flatten out the circle and add a few inches of ribbon past the circle.  Knot the two ends together so the ribbon won't slip out.

Set your 10 playing pieces in the center of the circle.

Now cinch up the ribbon.  I tied it closed with a slip knot so the contents stay inside the pouch.

We made a couple of smaller versions too.  The pink circles are five inches across and we used 1/4" thick strips to line the board.  I think these pink ones will make cute little Valentine gifts for some of my little neighbors.