May 17, 2010

Can you handle it?

Last Friday I shared my handled towel tutorial on SEI Lifestyle
For those that didn't see it, I'm sharing it here today.

1 towel washed
26-30 inches of grosgrain ribbon
iron on transfers from SEI Crafts
sewing machine

1.  The trick to making this towel is to fold it just the right way.
Follow the picture above and fold your towel into thirds length wise.
Now fold your skinny towel in half. Finally, fold the towel into thirds like the picture.
2.  Cut your ribbon to the length you want each handle. I made mine 13 inches each. Use a candle or lighter to melt the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying. I pinned my ribbon three inches in from the edges. Make sure the ribbon isn't twisted. You should have one handle pinned to the finished edge of your towel, and the other pinned to the middle of the towel. Look at the picture on the far left. 
3.  Sew the ribbon to the edge of the towel. I used a box stitch (a square with an X through the middle). Repeat sewing the ribbon to the center of the towel.
Your towel should look like this when opened up. The ribbon is soft, and when you lay on the towel you won't feel it.
4.  I let my kids design their own monster and critter. This was probably the most time consuming part of the project. They were so excited about all the options. Once everything was picked out, the towel headed over to the ironing board.
5.  Fold your finished towel up properly and head to the pool or beach.
I think these would be really fun for a pool party.

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