August 04, 2010


This tutorial is to give you the basics of making this necklace.  Use your creativity to make the necklace yours!

Waxed thread
Scraps of knit fabric

1.  Cut your knit into 1.5 inch squares of smaller.  I use five squares per flower.  I cut a total of 15 squares.

2.  Take one of your squares.  Fold it in half to create a triangle.  Fold that triangle in half and them fold it once more.  Use our scissors to cut the end of your triangle, opposite of the point, into a rounded edge.

Follow the pictures labeled 1-4.

You should have an imperfect circle now.
I cut one set of circles big and the other two sets slightly smaller.

3. Gather up your beads.  You can make a pattern, or bead them randomly.  I think it's easier to make a pattern, but I like the look of randomly (which is not really so random) placed beads.

I start with a small seed bead and tie a knot around it to hold my other beads on.  Use your needle to string your beads on the thread.

4.  When you are ready to add your flower, fold the circle in half, and then half again.  Sew through the point of the triangle.  Continue with four more imperfect circles.  Once all the circles are threaded, I ran the needle back through them in a loop.  Pull tight and start beading again.    

The total length of my necklace was about 36 inches.  The two close flowers were spaced 5 1/4 inches apart.  The longest beaded space between flowers was 18 inches.  

Here is an awesome self portrait of me modeling the necklace.  No editing was done to the photo.  ;)
I don't know how to focus my camera and use the self timer... wah wah

I hope you like the necklace.  I would love to see what you put together.