January 16, 2011

Foodie Foodie

This week I had four recipes I wanted to try and I only ended up making two of them.  

1.  Pasta with tomato cream sauce from Pioneer Woman.  There isn't much to say except it was absolutely delicious.  I made a half recipe and it was tough not eating all of it.  I really had to stop and use self control.  Davis really liked this, and Tess ate it, but told her she didn't like it. Tess was just being difficult that night, so we will attribute her review to sauciness. Make this one for sure.

2.  Beef stew from Savory Notes.  While shopping for an eye round roast, I decided it was cheaper to buy the cut up stew meat from the butcher.  It was a time savor and cheaper for me this time.  I used an extra carrot and stalk of celery, and three garlic cloves.  The garlic wasn't strong, so don't be afraid to use three.  There were portobello and cremini mushrooms in our fridge so that's what I used.  Very tasty stew that everyone enjoyed.  Davis was asking for more broth, and I had to explain stew vs. soup.  This is definitely a stew.  

Not worth picturing was my second attempt at French macarons.  They are getting better, but still not right. I did lots of reading this week, and even spoke to a Macy's saleslady from France.  Yes, when I heard her accent I was stupid enough to strike up a conversation.  It didn't help.  I will keep trying and let you know when I am finally successful.

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