February 01, 2011

Foodie Foodie

1.  These hasselback potatoes from Sophistimom were so yummy.  I didn't add any cheese at the end because I wanted to see how tasty they were on their own.  They reminded me of some kind of peel away potato chip.  The slices that were next to the garlic were extra tasty.  I think I will add more garlic next time.  Definitely make these.

2.  Just a Taste had a simple recipe for Hungarian Wienerschnitzel.  When I went to the market they only had ground veal.  I didn't have time to talk to the butcher and thought that I would just try it with chicken.  As I was breading the chicken in the panko, I thought this would probably taste like Japanese Katsu.  In Hawaii, chicken katsu is a popular plate lunch item.  What do ya know-I was right.  I guess each country has it's own version of the same thing, ya?

3.  Making beans is not one of my strengths.  I can open a can of beans really well, but I want to know how to make them from scratch.  This Cuban black bean recipe seems easy enough.  I soaked my beans over night and there were a brilliant eggplant color.  The recipe didn't say to add any water to the crock pot to cook them and I was nervous they would dry out and get hard.  The house smelled so good when these were cooking.  It smelled like the beans I had tasted in Miami.  This recipe called for two jalapenos- I only added one, and I only added two tablespoons of cumin.   We wanted the beans a little soupie, and this did not deliver on that.  They tasted good, but a little on the weaker side.  Mike and I are determined to get this recipe right.  I will have to try black beans again in a couple of weeks.