February 04, 2011

Have you

~printed off these sewing cards from Mini-eco?  Mine are ready to go, I just need to hand them over to the kids.  Go check out Kate and her site Mini-eco for lots of fun ideas.

~thought of a clever Valentine for your kid's teacher?  This one is weighing heavily on my mind.

~heard of Vivian Maier yet?  Vivian's belongings were bought at an auction by John Maloof.  John is now archiving, developing, and sharing Vivian's collection of street photography from the 50's to the 90's.  I am totally fascinated by all of it.

~picked up a gift for your BFF for Valentine's Day?  I'm thinking this one would be fun for me and my hubs.

~bought an iphone app recently?  Paper Town Friends have the cutest paper dolls app.  I'm not sure if I should wait till I get the iphone (hint hint honey), or if I should just buy it on my ipad.

Have a great weekend!

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