August 31, 2011

Happy Healing [ + real life]

We go through bandages pretty quickly around our house. I'm not a stinker and I let my kids pick out fancy band-aids with characters on them.  We usually have Hello Kitty and Perry the Platypus ready to go.

On my last trip to the store I picked up some inexpensive plain bandages.  I had so much fun doodling on my napkins yesterday.  Today we doodled on our bandages.

Tess got into the action with lots of fun designs. She drew anything from mushrooms to puppies, and angels with cupcakes.

As I am typing this post up, Tess is still drawing on more bandages.  I don't think they are considered sterile now that they are out of their wrappers. Considering most of our bandage use is for old scrapes and cuts that I can't see, I think we are okay.

Close up shots are a great way to crop out all the chaos around you. This is what the whole desk looks like where we are coloring. That pile of bandage wrappers is a lot bigger than what you see.

Have a great day!
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