August 30, 2011

New Napkins [+ real life]

I've had this fabric set aside for over a month now. The plan was to make six double sided fabric napkins. One side with off white fabric, and the other side with something colorful.  

I sewed one double sided napkin together and it felt too thick.  In the end I sewed twelve single sided napkins.  What I have been putting off for several weeks was completed in a couple of hours.  Why do I get so distracted? Darn you Pinterest! I'm obsessed with collecting ideas.

The patterned fabric was all just laying around my craft room.  This was a very inexpensive project. I cut my napkins pieces 17 inches square and used a half inch hem.

All along I had planned on doodling a picture onto the off white fabric with a fine point Sharpie.

Collin and I spent some time sketching ideas.  I'm not big on perfection, so I wasn't worked up about the pen bleeding and my art looking like a grade schooler did it.  I call these imperfections charm.

The toaster ended up being my favorite of all the sketches, and maybe the veggies.

Twelve new napkins ready to be used and abused.

Sometimes it just feels good to make something with you own hands.  This is one of those projects for me. Nothing too complicated, just fun.

You should give it a go.  Let it be fun and have lots of charm. ;)

Just in case you were wondering about what was going on in the background of my pictures...

This is a picture of my standing on a bar stool to get the shot of all the napkins.  Collin was coloring next to me as I was drawing my doodles.  The last photos is what it looked like when I took a picture of the line of napkins.  The picture is a little too small, in this collage, to see the dust on my table and crumbs on the floor. So goes my life.