December 12, 2011


Have you seen these amazing tartlettes floating around Pinterest? This weekend I thought I would try to make something similar. 

Presenting my...

These mini desserts are so tasty, you might just eat them all up before you share any.

Want to make some? This is what you will need:

Pie dough - Make your own, or buy it from the store. 
Heavy cream
Peanuts - optional
Chocolate chips
Corn Syrup
Mini muffin tin
2" circle cookie cutter

Let's get started. Preheat your oven to pie dough instructions. Cut out as many circles as you can from your pie dough. I think I was able to get about 18 circles from one 9" pie crust. Work your magic here.

No need to spray, just press your pie circles into the mini muffin tin. Prick each mini pie with a fork.
The mini crusts bake up quicker than you think. Start checking them after five minutes. Bake until they are golden in color.

I have made these Chocolate-Covered Salted Peanut Caramel Cups in the past and love them. Use this Salted Peanut Caramel recipe for your caramel. I saved the peanuts for the topping at the end. Tip: Watch your caramel closely. Once it starts to change color it can burn before you know it. Trust me. Set the caramel in the fridge to firm up quicker.

When you crusts are cool and the caramel is thicker, spoon into the mini bowls. Fill the bowls a little less than half way.

Set a cup of cream on the stove to boil. In another bowl place one cup of your most favorite chocolate chips or wafers. I like dark chocolate with salted caramel. It's a good balance of sweet and salty.

When the cream is nice and hot, pour it over your chocolate chips. Using a whisk, mix the cream and chocolate together and your should have a nice shiny ganache.

 Watch out for little helpers. 1. They tend to sneak your chocolate. 2. The caramel is really hot.

Spoon your ganache on top of the caramel, sprinkle with chopped peanuts if you like. Isn't this so simple?!

Find some friends to share your tar-teenies with and eat up. A glass of milk is the perfect pairing to this dessert.
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