January 10, 2012


A circle scarf is just about the easiest sew or no sew project ever. It's the perfect project to tackle for a beginner. Google circle scarf and you will be inundated with multiple tutorials, d.i.y.'s and videos. 

Your toughest task is picking the material.

Over the holiday I whipped up a few scarves for my baby sisters. Two of the three were made with some silky patterned polyester. Loved them. I made these scarves to be worn as one circle. If you are looking for a stylish sling, this is a good way to go too. 

First I sewed a long tube, with the fabric right sides together.  Now flip the fabric right side out.

Before I sewed the two short ends together, I twisted the fabric a few times. This gave my sister's scarves a little something extra since they were not going to be wrapped more than once around their necks.

To finish off the scarf, I just inserted one end in to the other and sewed a straight stitch.

This polka dot scarf is a half yard of jersey knit. I am able to wrap it around my neck twice. For a less full scarf use a quarter yard.

earrings: armelle jewelry. jacket: norstrom. cuff bracelet: twisted. t-shirt: hane's. jeans: joe's
 I thought I would throw in a "what I wore" picture. I'm not sure if I'm cut out to do fashion blogging, but I might share outfits from time to time. Maybe it will motivate me to make myself more presentable in public. Although, I recently noticed it's totally normal to wear your mismatched p.j.'s to Walmart. All the Target people out there are saying to themselves, "At least I wear my matching track suit!" Personally, I have been looking for yoga type pajamas so I can roll out of bed and 'look' like I am heading to the gym.

Thanks to my friend Challey for taking the picture.

We were in front of the library and the kids were digging in the new landscaping while I was posing it up.

sweater: anthropolgie. t-shirt: gap. scarf:me. hair: mine. camera: cannon t1i. lens: 17-55mm 2.8 fixed

OH, and I made another knit scarf that was only 9 inches wide. The fabric didn't have a right or wrong side, so I cut and a strip and sewed the two ends together. Easy peasy. It's like having a blanket for a necklace.