March 27, 2012


With spring officially here, and Easter right around the corner I knew it was time to make this idea a reality. 

These are not just any yo-yos. They are giant yo-yos, with the biggest about twelve inches wide.

Needle and thread
Doilies and paint (optional)

My doilies are from the dollar store and stiffened up with a coat of acryilc paint. I used a sponge brush to apply the paint, and let it dry over night.

Making Circles:
1. Grab a square of your fabric and lay it out in front of you.
2. Take the bottom right corner of your square and take it to the opposite corner.
3. Take the top right corner to to the bottom left corner. You will now have a giant triangle/arrow head.
4. Use you compass to draw and arc.

Cut your fabric following the line you drew with your compass.

You know have an amazing circle. This process can be scaled up or down depending on the size of circle you would like. Keep in mind that your yo-yo will end up being half the size of your original circle. My circles varied in size from ten to twenty four inches.

Once your circles are all cut, use your needle and thread to sew a running stitch along the out side edge of each circle.  Repeat process of making yo-yos until you think you have enough. Them make a couple more for good measure.

 Once your are satisfied with your yo-yos, it's time to lay them out.

 I spent quite a bit of time placing and replaing my yo-yos and doilies to balance the garland. At this point, you may need to make a few more yo-yos to get it just right.

With seventeen yo-yos and five doilies I was able to get a good size garland for my bay window.

I stitched each yo-yo and doily to the next with invisible thread. This is a pretty heavy garland. Make sure your stiches are good and strong.