October 03, 2012


Moving is a pretty big deal. I know I am not the only one that feels that way. I've asked friends to share some tidbits and tips about moving.

Today's interview is with Jenn from Ambrosia Creative. I just love to see all the fresh and modern crafts Jenn creates. I think I need to make this one for myself, and soon!

Q. Where was your move from and to?
A. We moved from Ventura, CA to Charlotte, NC. From one end of the US to the other.

Q. How old were your kids at the time of the move, and how did you tell them you were moving?
A. Our boys were 3 and 5. The move was during summer, so we talked about school ending, mom's job ending (my hours at work got drastically reduced -- part of the reason for our move), how we're going to need a bigger place because of a new baby, and that dad will be getting a new job. Just on the other side of the country.

Q. What were some of the challenges with the move, and how did you overcome them?
A. Biggest challenge was being 6 months pregnant and essentially doing most of the packing on my own. Thankfully we had about three weeks to slowly pack up our possessions. Another challenge was the distance and having zero idea what were getting into, having never been to the East Coast. My husband had one shot to fly out to NC, check out a couple of rentals, and plunk down a deposit. This wouldn't have been possible without the internet and great sites like CityData and Craigslist.

Q. How have you embraced your new town?
A. This is a work in progress, admittedly. But I have been trying to enjoy something uniquely 'Charlotte' once a week so that we build fond memories of the place.

Q. Do you have and tips for another mom moving her family?
A. This is so obvious, but research like crazy! I'll mention CityData again since the forums were so helpful in getting honest answers from the locals. Answers to questions about schools, restaurants, safe neighborhoods, etc.

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