January 31, 2013


Last week I showed you my business cards. Keeping with the pineapple theme, I made a few little dip dyed muslin bags. I filled these pineapples with goodies for my Alt Summit roomies, and Airheads dinner companions.

Fabric dye
Water and salt
Gloves (optional)

1. Prepare dye according to package directions. 

Or, if your like me, you pretend you're cooking and just go with the flow. I added a couple of cups of water to my sauce pan. Dropped in a tablespoon or two of dye and set over medium heat. When the liquid was just about to boil I added a couple of teaspoons of salt. Stir dye and take pan off the heat.

2. Unlike tie dying, I did not soak my bags before dying. I wanted to keep my top and bottom colors from bleeding together. First in to the hot tub was were the green tops. I wanted to keep most of the bag yellow, so I dipped the green up to about 1 1/2 inches from the top end. To create the ombre effect, dip your bag down once, then bring it up and out of the die a little. Hold so part of the already dye green is still submerged. Click here to see my ombre pillowcase

When you are happy with the depth of green, carefully squeeze out the excess green dye back into the pan/sink. Be careful not to get the dye on the other half of your bag, or any thing else you don't want green.

3. Same process for the yellow. Dip the other half of the bag until you come to the green line. Lift out of the dye a little and soak. I soaked my yellow in three phases. You can use a clothes pins to hold the bags in place, or just hang the tops over the side of your pan.

I noticed as the liquid cooled, the color took longer dye. If this happens, set your pan back on the burner and heat it up again. Give those little pineapples a good jacuzzi soak.

4. When you are happy with the yellow, squeeze out the excess dye. You can rinse, or not rinse the bags. I rinsed and tossed them into the dryer. The color fades a little by doing this. To keep things brighter, don't rinse and air dry.

After a quick press with the iron my pineapple bags were ready to be filled.

These are really fun and easy to make. You might not want to have little hands helping with dipping the bags, but they can certainly help filling the bags.

How cute would these bags be with green on top and pink on bottom for strawberries? Or just a ombre pink and red for Valentine's Day...