February 07, 2013


The Bigger...

This giant pixel heart is my favorite right now. I would say it was the easiest to put together, but all of our Valentine decorations this year are simple to make.

Scissors/paper trimmer
Double stick tape
Big empty wall.

1. Determine where you want your lowest square, or the bottom of your heart. Tape squares corner to corner, escalating up, until your heart is as wide as you want.

Perfection is not required. At least not in my house. I found I was about a half inch shy of wall, so my farthest square over laps just a hair. You can see in the picture above.

2. Continue placing squares in the pattern from the top photo. I used a total of 16 squares to make a heart that is a little bigger than 6' tall and 5' wide.

3. Step back and admire your extra large heart!

The Big...

Our mantel needed a pixel heart, but sticky notes were not going to stick to the stone. I liked working with foam core on my Joy project, so foam core it had to be.

Foam core
Small sticky notes. My notes were 2" square.
Box cutter
Fine grit sand paper

1. Arrange your sticky notes to create your pixel heart, just like we did with the big heart. Make it big, small, or in between. It's all up to you. This heart is made of 20 sticky notes and measures 22" wide and 17" tall.

2. When your design is in place, use your box cutter to slice around the outside edge of your sticky notes. Take your time and be deliberate with your cuts.

3. Break your heart away from the excess foam core. Your edges might not be as smooth as you like. No big deal. Use a sanding block, or even an emery board to file down any uneven edges.

4. Set your heart in place and enjoy.