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Back in the day I spent my freshman year of college at a school in Washington. There was a Starbucks cart in the Union Building. Now I’m not a coffee drinker, but my friends that worked there would make me all sorts of Italian soda concoctions. I wish I could remember all the syrup flavor combinations! Peach and grape sound familiar, but I’m not sure it’s worth a test.
Italian sodas are a fun drink to make at home. This is what I am serving my family to drink at our Valentine’s dinner.
You should make some too.

Sparkling water, tonic water, club soda… it’s all the same. I don’t recommend Sprite or 7-Up because they already have syrup in them.
Flavored syrups come in lot of different flavors. Some are even sugar free. I picked up raspberry and vanilla from my grocery store next to the coffee. My Target and Walmart didn’t carry any that I could see.
Half & Half is optional. You could use regular milk or cream too. I like the soda with and without cream. Make it how you like it



I was inspired by the origami heart garland Jessica posted a few weeks ago. With my magazine banners everywhere, I needed another way to incorporate the origami heart.
Introducing my neon heart napkins!
Reusable or disposable napkins can both be folded into hearts. The trick is getting the right size rectangle to begin with. Here are three different napkin sizes that I was able to fold into hearts.
1. Open up your napkins and assess the size of your rectangle.
2. Make necessary folds to get a long skinny rectangle. The red napkin was fine, and for the other two, I just folded them down in half.
3. Find your center point of the rectangle and fold each short end towards the top. Align the bottom edge with the center line like in picture three.
4. Repeat step number three to the opposite side. Your napkin should have a nice point like an arrow.
5. Following picture number five, fold down your two center corners to create the V of the heart.
If you like yourself and angular heart you could be finished here. Want a little more? Fold the out side corners in just a little bit.
You should now have an origami heart napkin ready to wipe your cute little face.
The fabric store had some nice neon quilting cotton that I couldn’t pass up. I serged up some big square napkins and folded them into hearts. The fabric napkins don’t crease and stay as easily as paper napkins. Iron your folds as you go along. The fabric hearts will be nice and flat.