Back in the day I spent my freshman year of college at a school in Washington. There was a Starbucks cart in the Union Building. Now I’m not a coffee drinker, but my friends that worked there would make me all sorts of Italian soda concoctions. I wish I could remember all the syrup flavor combinations! Peach and grape sound familiar, but I’m not sure it’s worth a test.
Italian sodas are a fun drink to make at home. This is what I am serving my family to drink at our Valentine’s dinner.
You should make some too.

Sparkling water, tonic water, club soda… it’s all the same. I don’t recommend Sprite or 7-Up because they already have syrup in them.
Flavored syrups come in lot of different flavors. Some are even sugar free. I picked up raspberry and vanilla from my grocery store next to the coffee. My Target and Walmart didn’t carry any that I could see.
Half & Half is optional. You could use regular milk or cream too. I like the soda with and without cream. Make it how you like it