Today the big kids went back to school after a week long break. I can’t believe it was one year ago we were vacationing here. This year, instead of swimming and gorging ourselves on chilaquiles, we played games, watched movies, and potty trained the baby. Well, the baby is three and it’s time for him to man up and pee in the toilet.
Oh, and if you follow me on twitter, you would know that I watched some So You Think You Can Dance auditions here in Salt Lake. Yeah, it was totally fun, and I met Ringo Star. Ringo was wearing his classic pink suit, looking all professional.
Today it is back to life, back to reality (sing it in your head like this). More potty training, which consequently includes loads of laundry. Eating left over Sunday dinner, milk and semi sweet chocolate chip cookies. Thinking about taking a shower, if the couch let’s me get up. All around awesomeness.
I really do love my life.